Thursday, 24 May 2012

Confessions of a Bad Mother!

  • Somedays I let my son watch TV pretty much all day! - Sometimes it's the only way for us both to get through the day in one piece.
  • There are random days when my children don't eat a single vegetable! - Of cause unless you count the slice of gerkin in a McDonalds cheeseburger.
  • I sometimes leave my children in a smelly nappy for a little bit longer than prehaps I should - just trying to space out the nappy changes a bit, especially the first one in  the morning, no one wants that to be the first thing they see/smell every day.
  • I'm not a fan of the baby stage, there I said it! -  They just lay there and dribble and poo. Children are much more exciting when they can actually interact with you.
  • I use bribery a lot! - I'm not a fan of full blown melt downs in public and if a promise of a chocoloate biscuit is going to get me out of it then that is what I'll do.
  • I often forget to wash the kids hands before eating! - Well they need to build up their immunities don't they?
  • I don't let the children in our living room at all! - It is our room, a toy free zone, our little haven of straight cushions and  beautiful breakable possessions. We are allowed one room aren't we?
  • I don't have locks on all the cupboards in the kitchen! - After the hubby ripped off one of the doors in frustaration from not being able to get into it, we kind of gave up on the idea.
  • Occasionally I have days where I pine for my previous 'young, free and single days' and then spend the rest of the day feeling guilty about even thinking it.
  • I have a potty mouth and sometimes let an obscenity slip out infront of the little ones. 
  • Most days I forget to brush the kids teeth after breakfast - I always remember to do it when they go to bed it's just the morning one that gets by me.  
So there you have it, I confess, I am not a perfect Mummy!
What about you then, any secret confessions about your parenting skills or lack of them?


  1. Thank god I'm not the only one!!! I confess to 8 of the above confessions lol. Loving your blog, great start!! I am just starting an anonymous blog too. I had a not so anonymous blog, but held back on certain things as I was worried about who would read it. I look forward to reading your posts :-)