Friday, 18 May 2012

Back Off He's Mine!

Something weird happened the other day... the OH brought home another woman!
That probably sounds weird but it was all totally innocent, she's a colleague of his. However it really bothered me and what's weird is that I don't even know why.
I knew she was coming because the OH told me the night before. I knew of her but had never actually met her before but what I did know is that she was young and single!
 So in typical woman not saying what she really means style, I said 'Ok no probs' when really on the inside I went into full blown panic mode.

 The next day I got up extra early so that I had time to have a shower, do my hair, apply make up, get the kids in their cutest outfits and give the house a quick once over. My aim was to appear to be Yummy Mummy/Domestic Goddess/Amazing Partner. My secret non verbal message being 'We are a happy loving family and my man and I love each other very much so back off he's mine!'

When she arrived I was as nice as pie, all smiley sweet, making tea for them both while they worked. Asking her questions about where's she's from, what she likes etc, not at all digging for information about her life to access how much of a threat she was *cough*. I even managed to keep smiling everytime she used the silly nickname that she'd made up for him and I didn't at all hover around the office door trying to hear what they were saying. *cough cough*.

The silly thing is that she was actually a really nice woman but she still manged to ruffle my feathers.

So yes I am your typical woman who is a two faced bitch. There I said it. 
So do you ever get jealous of the other woman in your OH's life even if it's not justified?


  1. I love this post because it is sooooo true!!! Yes, yes, yes I am like that even though it's not deserved. Women are complex which is why incidents like this cannot be explianed. ;-)) Glad I found your blog. And the first to follow. . yay me!! xxxx

    1. Hi Lizzie,
      Thanks for your comment and it's good to know I'm not the only one x

  2. We've all been there and will be again, I'm sure! xx